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In-home care services and what they provide

Dorothy said it best: There’s no place like home! And thanks to in-home care services, we no longer have to go to a nursing home or aged care facility to get the specialised support we need as we get older.

While we’ve talked before about how in-home care works in Australia and the benefits of in-home care for the elderly, this time we are going to look at some of the services and support programs this invaluable service provides Australian families.

Help around the home

Sometimes we all need a little help with everyday chores, be they washing linen, running errands, preparing meals, or stocking up the pantry. In-home care services make life easier, and allow you to live independently at home for longer.

A care management plan

As we get older, our care needs become more complicated, often involving difference doctors and various specialists. In-home care service providers can take the stress out of everything by managing it all for you. They’ll keep all of your medical information in one handy location, and ensure your healthcare needs are met and up-to-date.

Respite care

Also known as short-term care, in-home respite care ensures that the person who usually cares for you – be they your partner, relative, friend or formal respite provider – can attend to personal matters, or have a well-deserved break. Taking care of your carer will ensure they are able to take care of you for longer.

Transition care

It can take time to readjust when coming home after a stint in the hospital, especially if you are recovering from a medical procedure. In-home care services help with this transition by performing light housekeeping duties for you, ensuring you take your medication on time, and making sure you eat properly so that you get the right amount of rest to make a full recovery.


When friends and family members are unavailable, in-home carers can drive you to medical appointments, the shopping centre, social gatherings, and even down the local park so you can get some fresh air.

Palliative care

If you (or someone you love) are suffering from a life-limiting illness, in-home palliative care will ensure you receive physical, mental and emotional support when you most need it. Compassionate, palliative care can involve everything from changing dressings and personal grooming to providing respite to family caregivers.


Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, to share our day with, and laugh with – but it’s not easy when our friends and family have their own busy lives to take care of. In-home carers provide both comfort and conversation, and can put the kettle on while you relax in your favourite chair.

To find out more about in-home care services and how they can help you or your loved one, call Aquamarine’s personalised home care providers on 1800 458 499.

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