How aged care is funded in Australia?

aged care funding

Learn how aged care is funded in Australia. Find out who is eligible for funding, how the funding is allocated and what services are paid for by the Australian Government

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Changes in Australian Government funded home care 2017

Aquamarine Personalised Home Care are looking forward to the next round of government reform to the home care system.

The new changes will allow seniors to receive home care services from a provider of their choice.

The Government will continue help people have greater choice and control over their own care with the upcoming changes.

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The benefits of in-home care for the elderly

The benefits of in-home care for the elderly include cost-effectiveness, the encouragement of confidence and independence, unique and personalised care, dramatic improvement in the quality of life and more

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Family looking after Families

This post discusses how in Australia most of the in-home caring is done by family members. Find out more about the challenge of an ageing population, pressures faced by carers and positive solutions

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